Decorative Acoustic Curtain

Acoustical treatment with these Decorative Acoustic curtain you can visually "hide" electric outlets on the wall, and easy reach them when necessary.
They are easy to mount on every surface, and they provide perfect decorative effect in your space. Hidden outlets behind this decorative acoustic element are convenient to reach, and use, You can also use them to "hide" your speaker cables.
You can chose rope color, to match best interior visual performance.
Also we provide an option to pick your preferred color for the mounting rail that holds the stretchable acoustic rope.
Acoustic rope is stretchable, and has an acoustic knit around its body .
Decorative Acoustic panel contains 2 Mounting rails that are 1 meter wide, mounting screws and Acoustic rope.
You can use it to Acoustically treat any wall and any height up to 3 meter.