Multipak - Croatia - Pakrac 14-15. 06. 2024 - HiFi show presented Kharma Exquisite Classic with PASS labs amplifiers, HiFi Rose 250 streamer, DAC Rockna Wawedream, and analog part Kuzma reference gramophone.

Connection cables provided by RGR cables.

System setup has achieved very balanced sound, with beautiful

definition, very wide and precise sound stage.

To create this magnificent sound, room acoustic has been provided

by the SSTacoustic.

Visitors impressions and statement:

" this is the best setup and sound at the Multipak HiFi show ".

To finish the line, Kharma speakers provided to us listening experience in their full High End range.

I need to put the line that first day in our showroom, has been provided powerful presentation by our special guest from REL Acoustics - mister Kirill Nenarokomov (International Sales Director REL Acoutics Ltd.).

Kirill provided to our visitors workshop how to step by step make an implementation and setup of REL Subwoofer in to the High end system that was previously described.

Many thanks to RotaryAudio from Croatia and its founder Božidar Savi as well, that proved to us for this event all the electronic components, to create this precious setup.